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Discover your new safety relay!
Digital launch event on 3 February 2021

We’re bringing our “Spirit of Safety” to your office! Be there to experience a product launch like never before! In an entertaining online show we will present our product innovation from the safety relay range, with all its features and benefits, exclusively for you. We’re quite sure: you’re in for a surprise! After the show our experts will be live to answer your questions!

On stage:

  • Simon Pierro, iPad magician
  • Thomas Nitsche, Pilz Business Development
  • Florian Rotzinger, Pilz Product Management
  • Jochen Bauknecht, Pilz Development
  • Hansjörg Sperling-Wohlgemuth, Pilz Marketing and Communications


You can choose from three time slots that are available during registration:

08.00 am – languages: DE, EN, KR, ZH
10.00 am – languages: DE, EN, IT, NL, FR, PT, ES
04.30 pm – languages: DE, EN, FR, ES, PT

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Digital launch event on 3 February 2021 (participation is free)

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